LCD Compatible For iPhone XS Max-Black


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OEM LCD Compatible For iPhone XS Max-Black
Black iPhone XS Max OEM LCDs are thoroughly checked before being dispatched, and consumers receive high-quality LCDs. Your iPhone XS Max will feel brand new thanks to its simple installation, excellent sensitivity, durability, and great performance. It is an ideal replacement of the broken screen if you wish to replace the faulty screen, old, scratched, cracked, and dead pixels, clouding, colour difficulties, and vertical lines.
Tips before giving the order:

  • Firstly, check the model before giving an order.
  • It is highly recommended to install the OEM screen from the professional technicians.
  • The matched tools are highly recommended.

Test the screen function:
The display is an important part of an iPhone, you can test the auto-brightness, touch screen, Touch ID, and others color display
Testing auto Brightness:
The auto-brightness function is disabled after installation, while it works well on the OEM screen because its data is linked with the original motherboard.
Testing Face ID:
The face ID function of 3 screens on the same motherboard, all of them are working well.
Testing 3D touch:
3D touch works well in the partial area of a screen, it compares to the OEM screen, it can be pressed with longer time and more pressure.
Testing screen touch
Dragging the App icon and sliding on the screen to test the screen touch function. Both of the aftermarket screens touch works properly.
Testing screen display color
In the color displaying test, the backlight of the is obviously uneven and shadows appear along the edge of the screen.

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OEM LCD For iPhone XS Max


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